How to Write a Dissertation Literature Review


Every academic writer has to go through the idea of providing an analytical overview of a literature. And if you know that your reader has lesser knowledge on the topic than you do, you need to be instructional and informative on your literature review. And if you find out that your readers might have got better knowledge on the topic than you have, then you need to show your intelligence and expertise on the topic and let them know how familiar you are with the topic.

The Content of the dissertation literature review

Your literature review has to be well written. It should seem like flowing naturally without any force with logic from one point to the other. Make sure that the sources and the information are current, up to dated and relevant.  Here are the following content you need to include in your literature review—

  • Let your readers know if there is any theory under consideration; provide an overview of the subject and the issues related with the subject.
  • Divide your work in categories. Explain whether you are in support or against of an idea.
  • Let your reader know if the author’s work is neutral or biased.
  • Tell the readers which of the author’s works are convincing. And why did you find it convincing?
  • The reader should know if the author holds the authority to make a specific judgment. Does he or she hold the credential?
  • Let your readers know if the author’s conclusions add any value of your own

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