How to Write a Review of a Book

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Reviewing sometimes becomes a daunting task. When you read a new book and then you suggest it to someone, they definitely ask your opinion on the book. Reviewing a book is just the same with a bit of twist. Reviewing is not only about how you felt reading the book, it’s also about the strengths and the weaknesses of the piece of writing.

Well, when I started to review books, I had no idea how to review a book. But since it has been quite a few time for me now, I have learnt a few tricks and treats of review writing. So if you are one of beginners, then these little tips can help you a lot –

  • Do not read the book first – Yes! You heard me right. When you want to review a new book that has just hit the market, do not read it at first. Before you go ahead and start reading it, you need to notice a few things first—
  • First you need to see who wrote the book. The author of the book is the most important part of the book. Look for any other book from the same writer; see if there is any.
  • Then look for the genre of the book; whether it’s a romantic one, a horror one, a fiction or based on true events.
  • Then you need to notice the title; what does the title say. What is the purpose of the title? When you will start reading the book, make sure don’t forget to notice if the story justifies with the title.
  • Read the introduction first before you start reading the book. Look for any relevant information if you find any.
  • At the end, look for the book cover and the printing. What does the book cover say? Does it have any pictures or graphics? Make a note of everything.
  • Read the book – As you start reading the book, you need to determine your point of view throughout the book regarding various things.
  • Start with the theme or the style of the book; how would you describe the author’s particular style. Does it stand out? Are they different from the rest?
  • The characters of the book are very important. Take a close look on each character. What are they like? What makes each character special? Why is the protagonist of the book important?
  • Look for anything special in the book. Like what makes the book different from the rest? Why anyone should be willing to buy it? Does the book help to serve any purpose? Is the writer successful in putting your mind in deep thought? Have you fallen in love with any of the characters?
  • Every book has some special quotes. Point out those quotes. Note everything in a journal.
  • Now start writing—This is the most important part of your review. You need to take special care while writing a book review. There are a lot of things you need to take care of—
  • Always remember your audience – While writing a review for a book, you need to remember that your readers have not yet read the book. So you cannot simply start your point of view out of the blue. You need to introduce the characters, give small details about the situation. Write a short summary of the book. But you should never ever spill the bean. Make it intriguing so that your readers too feel the urge of reading the book.
  • The events – You cannot simply tell each and every event that took place. Deal only with the most pressing events that took place. Let your readers know with what principles of the book did you agree or disagree with.
  • Your evaluation – In a paragraph write your own evaluation of the book. Point out what are the strong points of the book and what couldn’t really impress you much. Let the readers know what makes this particular stand out from the rest of the books of the same genre, and what not.
  • Organizing your review – Your review consists of the summary and the evaluation. Make sure your summary is concise and brief. Keep it clear. Evaluation of the book matters a lot, so concentrate on the evaluation part more. Also, at the end, you can write the price of the book, the name of the publisher and let the readers know where they can buy it.

Writing a book review is a lot easier when you know how to do it. So here are a few tips for you. Whenever you want to write a book review, go through these tips.

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