How to Write a Short Story – Step By Step


The urge of writing short stories started in my mind after I read O. Henry’s “The gift of the Magi”. Since then I have read many short stories by O. Henry and Guy de Maupassant, but that was the first time when I wanted to write something as amazing as these two men did.

At some point you too might feel like writing short stories but stop yourself. Or maybe you start writing, but quit it in the middle. So I am helping you with some of the steps that will help you out to write the best short story –

  • A good short story – A good short story consists of a lot of events. There must be some actions, some conversations, some mysteries, and few flashbacks. The key to a good short story is to let your readers wonder about what is going to happen. There is definitely an end to a short story, but never a satisfying one. A good short story makes the reader wonder at the end.
  • Collect some ideas – No type of writing can begin without some ideas. And ideas can strike at any point of time. As a writer it is good if you carry a small notepad with you wherever you go. It will give you the opportunity note down any ideas or inspiration you get from anywhere during the day. If you cannot stick to one particular idea, then collect various events you have experienced during the day.
  • The beginning – A lot of people use various ways to start the story. You can choose your own too. Some people like to start the story with some flashbacks or with some events from the past that happened before the story started. One can also start with a conversation between two people. It totally depends on you how you can keep your reader interested. The beginning of the story should be intriguing enough to draw your readers in.
  • Your characters – Nobody knows your character more than you. You need to know your characters. Your character has to feel genuine and realistic. Most importantly, you should be the one having full faith in your characters. The characters of your story should not be perfect. They should deal with some problems, insecurities or may be some flaws.
  • Who will be the storyteller – Decide who will tell the story. There are three ways you can tell the story, first person, second person or the third person. However, the second person narrator is rarely used. Before you start writing, remember that the first person narrator can only talk about the events that they know about, whereas the third person narrator can explore the whole story in and out.
  • Organization of the story – After you are done with the basic elements of the story, it’s time for you to organize the story. Your story must have an introduction to your characters, initiation of the incident, some interesting events, rising action and the climax.
  • Write and edit and write and edit – Start writing your story. Do not stop unless you finish it. After you finish it, read it and make changes of you need any. Then read again and edit. Do it unless you find it perfect.

Writing a short story is easy; all you have to do is start believing in you and follow these steps that I have just provided you. Good Luck!

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